What Are Spoggles?

August 29, 2019

Don’t know what spoggles are? You’re not alone, because neither does autocorrect. Whether you heard the word on the worksite and wondered, or your foreman told you to get a pair (but never told you what they were), we’re here to help. In this blog post, we’re going to cover what spoggles are, and how…

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Foam vs. Silicone Earplugs

Foam Versus Silicone Earplugs

August 21, 2019

A big bucket of earplugs in the shop makes ear protection easy. But, depending on your worksite, some types may work better than others. Whether your workers have expensive, custom-made ear protection to ensure their ears are safe, or even if most of your workers wear earmuffs, a handy box of bulk earplugs is helpful…

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Foam Earplugs

How to Properly Insert Foam Earplugs

August 13, 2019

Foam earplugs are perfect for the worksite. They’re comfortable, convenient, and you can buy them in bulk so you don’t have to worry about losing them. And with the variety of sizes and shapes out there, you can easily find the perfect fit for your ears. However, if worn incorrectly foam earplugs become totally useless.…

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Great work gloves

Best Work Gloves for the Worksite

August 7, 2019

People who work with their hands know the importance of a good set of gloves. While a bad pair will impede your dexterity, and fall apart easily, a good pair will last, protect, and give you a full range of movement. There are so many work gloves out there today, each advertising itself as the…

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Man Wearing High Vis

7 Reasons to Wear High Vis Clothing

July 31, 2019

High visibility clothing, also known as high vis, is an integral part of PPE. However, many workers don’t realise how important it is. This results in dirty, or obscured high vis that doesn’t do its job. But with the proper gear and maintenance, high vis clothing keeps workers safe and comfortable. Properly maintained high vis…

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Shoe Covers

Stopping Cross-Contamination with Shoe Covers

January 22, 2019

Cross-contamination can lead to anything from a ruined job, to serious health problems for you or others. That’s why it’s important to take time to ensure it doesn’t happen. Proper equipment, like shoe covers, can help you maintain a clean work environment. Cross-contamination Cross-contamination is a fancy word for when bacteria or other particles are…

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safety ear muffs

Earplugs vs. Earmuffs: How to Choose the Proper Hearing Protection for your Job

January 15, 2019

There are a variety of ways you can protect your ears from the assault of loud and high-pitched noises at work. Disposable ear plugs and ear-covering earmuffs each have their own role to play in protecting your hearing. Deciding between earplugs vs. earmuffs can be hard because both do a good job of an extremely…

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disposable gloves

What Equipment is Needed for a Restaurant Kitchen?

January 1, 2019

Your restaurant kitchen may be immaculate, but if you don’t protect each employee with the proper measures, your customers will suffer. The top three pieces of protective equipment needed for a restaurant kitchen are proper gloves, headwear and protective clothing. The top 3 pieces of protective equipment for a restaurant kitchen 1. Proper gloves Working with food…

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working gloves

How to Maintain Your Safety Gloves

December 25, 2018

You probably bought those new, suede safety gloves with the intention that they would last for some time. But now they’re all stiff with dirt and grime, making them about as useful as a pair of woollen mittens. You could go out and buy a new pair, which would make things easier, but buying a…

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Different Types of Safety Glasses

December 18, 2018

There are as many different types of safety glasses as there are eyes. Some offer anti-fogging capabilities and some are tinted to allow for sun protection. But every pair should do one job, and one job well: protect your eyes from damage. Because safety glasses are so different from one another, it’s important to understand…

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