welding work gloves

Do You Need Coveralls to Weld?

December 11, 2018

While welding coveralls are a great option to keep you safe while you’re welding, they are not the only, or even in some cases the best, option out there. No one should be welding in a t-shirt and shorts. That’s just an open invitation for sparks to get between your body and your clothing, causing…

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Pharmacist putting on his shoe covers at the laboratory

Disposable Shoe Covers or Reusable? Deciding which shoe covers are right for your industry

November 29, 2018

There are many great reasons to wear shoe covers. However, once you’ve made up your mind to use them, you need to decide whether you’ll use disposable shoe covers or reusable shoe covers. If you can’t quite make the decision yet, sit down and consider why, exactly, you need shoe covers. For some, like renovation…

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How to Choose the Best Safety Coveralls

November 19, 2018

There are as many different coveralls as there are hazards on the job site – sometimes even more, as coveralls need to encompass many different combinations of hazards. With such a wide variety of coveralls to choose from, it can be difficult to find the coveralls which best suit your job and your industry. To…

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concrete worker with safety gloves

What types of safety gloves are best for my job?

October 26, 2018

We’ve all done it – picked up a cheap random pair of gloves because it was easy. Whether you’ve tried cotton gloves for fencing, leather gloves for chemical work or even flammable gloves for welding, you’ve dealt with the consequences – from injury to running through gloves in an hour. Whatever the reason (be it…

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Work King Coveralls

What are the different types of safety coveralls?

August 16, 2018

For many jobs, safety coveralls are an important part of a worker’s PPE (personal protective equipment). Whether dealing with sparks, solvents, acids, oils, blood and bodily fluids, or a variety of aerosols, coveralls keep workers clean, happy and safe. But, with such a wide range of health risks, no coverall has the ability to keep…

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medical gloves

When to Wear Disposable Gloves

August 8, 2018

Leather has long been the material of choice when crafting gloves – it’s long lasting, offers impressive protection, and is readily available. Now, leather has been joined by an array of material options, each with their own particular strengths. Disposable gloves, in particular, have gained popularity recently despite offering almost none of the same protective…

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Pharmacist putting on his shoe covers at the laboratory

Finding the Proper Shoe Cover for Your Industry

July 16, 2018

Sometimes it seems like shoe covers are more trouble than they’re worth – they slip, they get caught, and they take time to put on. But it doesn’t have to be like that. The Right Shoe Cover for the Right Job Trying to hammer a screw in with a pipe wrench is a terrible experience.…

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Shoe Covers

7 reasons you should wear shoe covers

June 25, 2018

We all know the reason many people have for not wearing shoes covers: they look silly. But for those who choose, or are required, to wear them, shoe covers are not about aesthetics, they’re about making sure workers can do their job responsibly and professionally. Choosing to wear shoe covers is about taking into account…

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When to wear shoe covers

June 18, 2018

Every tool you use at work has its purpose – a wrench helps you tighten bolts, a scalpel aids in surgery. But, a tool’s main purpose is to make your life easier, and your work better. Shoe covers are an essential tool for many workers across a broad spectrum, because they offer the same benefits…

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