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Wireless Water Alarms

Sump Overflow Detector


Sump Pump Overflow Water Detector is an early warning devise used to help prevent over flow of a sump pump, bathtub and hot tubs

This adapter is an accessory to be used with only a Gizmode water alarm such as the WA02 Water Alarm & the WA03 Water Screamer.

The adapter is constructed of corrosion proof stainless steel and acrylic ,with no moving parts.

Simple to use and no plumber needed.

Water Alarm Sensor Pad


Water Alarm Sensor Pad simply plugs into one of the Gizmode WA02 Water Alarms and WA03 Water Screamers.

Great early detection for any area in your home or work place. You can Daisy chain multiple sensors to a single water alarm.

Each unit contains Dual sided sensor pad, nine foot extension wire, six inch sensor leg adapter and two adjustable height stands.

Simple to use and no plumber needed.

Colony Distribution Inc.