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What Are Spoggles?

Don’t know what spoggles are? You’re not alone, because neither does autocorrect.

Whether you heard the word on the worksite and wondered, or your foreman told you to get a pair (but never told you what they were), we’re here to help. In this blog post, we’re going to cover what spoggles are, and how they keep your eyes safe on the worksite.


What are they?

First off, we’re going to talk about the name, because spoggles is a weird word. That’s because it’s a combination of the word spectacle and goggle. Now, why people choose an old-timey word like spectacle, instead of glasses, probably comes down to the fact that glaggles is an even weirder word.

But, just like we got to the name by combining the words spectacles and goggles, the product itself was created by doing the same. Manufacturers took the best features of glasses (or spectacles) and combined them with the best safety features of goggles. This created eyewear that is equally as safe as a pair of goggles and comfortable as glasses.

Spoggles don’t look as weird as they sound. You may have even seen these without knowing. For the most part, they look like a regular pair of wrap-around glasses. They can come with clear, yellow, or tinted lenses, and often come with both a band and temples (otherwise known as arms). The main difference between spoggles and safety glasses is that they have a foam or rubber seal around the eyes.

The benefits of spoggles

Because spoggles are a combination of glasses and goggles, they are incredibly versatile on the worksite. They are designed to stop dust and other debris from getting in your eyes, while maintaining all-day comfort and ventilation not often found with goggles. Most are also impact rated, which makes them perfect for moving between jobs with different safety requirements.


  • Often come with both temples (arms) and a band making them easier to wear and more comfortable than big goggles
  • Are more compact than goggles
  • Can be used as safety glasses
  • Are suitable for multiple uses

The right choice for you

Not everyone needs a set of spoggles, but they are very useful and very versatile. For workers who need to move between sites that have a variety of dangers, or need all-day comfort, spoggles are a great solution. For more information on the types of spoggles we carry, contact us!

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