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What Equipment is Needed for a Restaurant Kitchen?

Your restaurant kitchen may be immaculate, but if you don’t protect each employee with the proper measures, your customers will suffer. The top three pieces of protective equipment needed for a restaurant kitchen are proper gloves, headwear and protective clothing.

The top 3 pieces of protective equipment for a restaurant kitchen

1. Proper gloves

Working with food means you need to protect against contamination and gloves are essential to this. From bakers mitts that can withstand the intensity of a restaurant-grade oven, to thick rubber gloves that will ensure no contamination gets into a patron’s food, the proper gloves are the first line of defence in safeguarding your employees and your customers.

Check out our stock of gloves – from reusable to disposable – and find out which are best for your restaurant kitchen!

2. Proper headwear

We’ve all seen an errant hair in our food. It’s not a great revelation. To help keep worker’s hair on their own person, face and head, nets are crucial to keeping food free of hair contamination – and critical for a customer’s happiness. Whether it’s hair or protecting against germs, the proper mask or net is vital when working inside a restaurant kitchen.

There are a number of different styles of hairnets and face masks to choose from in the food prep industry. Check out our selection and decide which ones are a good fit for you!

3. Proper aprons

Protecting you against extreme heat in the form of steam, thermal and splatter, a protective apron is vital to keeping you safe from the dangers of working in a restaurant kitchen. It’s also a line of defence to keep germs from raw meat from getting on your other clothing. And it looks more professional too!

There’s a number of aprons to choose from, be it nylon for working on the front end of the kitchen, or a food-safe polyurethane gown to keep germs away from your clothing.

Equipment safe enough for the restaurant industry

Colony Distribution has the latest in equipment needed for a restaurant kitchen – and more! Check out our food prep section which also has a list of equipment needed to stay safe in a restaurant kitchen. Or, for more information, give Colony Distribution a call today.