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concrete worker with safety gloves

What types of safety gloves are best for my job?

We’ve all done it – picked up a cheap random pair of gloves because it was easy. Whether you’ve tried cotton gloves for fencing, leather gloves for chemical work or even flammable gloves for welding, you’ve dealt with the consequences – from injury to running through gloves in an hour. Whatever the reason (be it laziness, cost, improper fit or lack of knowledge), using the wrong type of gloves isn’t worth the pain or inconvenience, especially when it’s your hands on the line.

Besides the obvious – protecting your hands – having the proper gloves for the proper job just makes sense. In the end, an investment in good safety gloves that suit the job you’re doing always pays off, in both the quality of work and the safety of your hands.

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Why the proper gloves matter

If you work with your hands for a living you know how important it is to keep them healthy and safe. But your hands are more than just appendages to get work done. Whether you’re throwing a ball around with your kid, or just throwing something together for breakfast, your hands are an important part of how you interact with the world. It’s not just about keeping your hands safe  – it’s about safeguarding your quality of life.

  • The right safety gloves boost job performance

Safety is the most important part of hand PPE, but having the right gloves also gives you the confidence to do your job well. Ill-fitting gloves will probably interfere – and most certainly frustrate you throughout the day. With good gloves, you’ll be more comfortable and relaxed, not only helping to improve your ability and speed, but also combating the stress and fatigue that comes with dealing with any other hassles that might pop up throughout the day. The right safety gloves mean one more thing to go right during your busy day.

  • You set a good example with the proper hand PPE

Wearing the proper PPE isn’t just keeping you safe, but your co-workers too. As a worker, you’re responsible for the culture of safety on your site, especially if you’re the senior member on the job. You can help encourage good safety habits for your fellow workmates by wearing the proper safety gloves.

  • Safety gloves protect more than just your hands – they protect your health

PPE protects your hands from the scary stuff, like chemicals, burns and contamination, but safety gloves also spare your skin from the more common bumps, cuts and bruises you’re faced with on a day-to-day basis. It’s these minor injuries that can build up over time and lead to lower physical and mental immunity that  can cause you issues down the road (infection, high stress, etc.) All this can be avoided by wearing the proper safety gloves.

What are the proper safety gloves for my industry?

Below you’ll find a number of common industries where safety gloves are required. Don’t see your industry? Let us know about it. We’re proud to offer guidance along with top of the line products to keep your hands safe in every industry.

Welding work

welding work gloves

You’re doing precision work with extremely high temperatures, so you need a glove that will balance dexterity and thermal protection.

TIG Welding

Look for:

  • Pliable leather (goatskin is a top choice)
  • Heat resistant Kevlar threading with a wool/cotton foam lining
  • Cut-resistance
  • No velcro strap (if you want to be able to quickly sling off your glove)

MIG Welding

Look for:

  • Thick, Top grain leather (deerskin, cowhide, pigskin)
  • Cut-resistance
  • Heat-resistant lining

General Labour & Construction work

construction work gloves

For those ‘jacks of all trades’, you need an all-around safety glove that’s got a little bit of protection from everything.

Look for:

  • Top grain leather (goatskin, deerskin, pigskin, cowhide, etc.)
  • Reinforced palm for better gripping and durability
  • Abrasion and cut-resistance
  • Cotton lining for comfort and warmth for colder temperatures
  • Nylon spandex on the back for a precision fit and to maximize dexterity
  • Velcro or elastic cuff for a secure fit

Concrete work

concrete worker

Depending on if you’re pouring, mixing, sculpting, or just plain handling, you’ll need gloves that offer all-around protection – or a couple of different pairs.

Wet cement

Look for:

  • Oil-resistance (synthetic rubber such as nitrile butadiene)
  • A textured surface for improved grip
  • Cut-resistant material
  • Cotton flocking for greater comfort

Dry cement

Look for:

  • Abrasion-resistance (palm-coated with string knit material are great for general handling)
  • Enhanced grip for slippery surfaces
  • Fully-coated fabric or top-grain leather (cowhide, deerskin, etc.)

Mechanical work

mechanic working on car

You don’t have to suffer bleeding knuckles just because you work on cars or trucks. With the proper gloves, you can combine both impact resistance and dexterity to keep your hands free of cuts and oil.

Look for:

  • Impact resistant
  • Oil resistant
  • Tight fitting
  • Palm coated for good grip

Chemical & Biohazardous work

medical gloves

Whether you work in a hospital, or with hazardous chemicals, you need protection from contamination, burns, and infectious agents.

Look for:

  • Nitrile, latex, neoprene, and other types of synthetic rubber (disposable and otherwise)
  • Longer gloves that protect your wrists and forearms, if available

Make sure your glove fits like a glove

It’s not just wearing gloves that keep your hands safe. Wearing the wrong glove for the job, or ill-fitting gloves can be as (or more) dangerous than wearing nothing on your hands at all. Ill-fitting gloves could get caught in rotating equipment or hinder your dexterity, or you could get frostbite with gloves that retain moisture when you’re working in the cold. Make sure you get the proper fit for your hands.

Colony Distribution knows their safety gloves

Need guidance with what types of gloves are best suited for your industry? You’re in luck. Colony Distribution specializes in safety equipment – and safety gloves, especially. We have your industry’s top of the line/newest gloves on the market with technology designed to make your job easier and safer. Contact us today for some guidance on safety gloves or any other questions you have regarding safety! Remember, the right gloves make all the difference, to both your work performance and the health of your hands.

In need of safety gloves for your business?

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