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When to Wear Disposable Gloves

Leather has long been the material of choice when crafting gloves – it’s long lasting, offers impressive protection, and is readily available. Now, leather has been joined by an array of material options, each with their own particular strengths. Disposable gloves, in particular, have gained popularity recently despite offering almost none of the same protective properties as leather, while still remaining readily available.

Disposable gloves do, however, have their own strengths, which has driven their popularity.

Wear disposable gloves when you need:

1. An impermeable barrier

For those dealing with dangerous liquids or chemicals, disposable gloves are an integral part of PPE. Unlike leather gloves that absorb liquids and can transfer through to your hands, disposable nitrile and latex gloves create an impermeable barrier that stops many dangerous liquids.

From blood (and all the possible germs it brings with it) to harsh chemicals, the right disposable glove keeps your hands clean and uncontaminated.

2. To stop cross-contamination

Whether working in a lab, hospital, or commercial kitchen, disposable gloves have become one of the go-to means of stopping the spread of pathogens, bacteria, or other potentially harmful particles. And in today’s world of fatal allergic reactions, and antibiotic-resistant superbugs, stopping cross contamination is more important than ever.

While good hand washing techniques can help lower cross-contamination, disposable gloves help eliminate it altogether by getting rid of the only point of contact (the glove) whenever contamination is even remotely possible.

*Be sure to use the proper technique for removing your disposable gloves, folding each in on itself, to further mitigate the spread of any disease or harmful substance.

3. To maintain your dexterity

Some jobs require both dexterity and protection, even if it’s just from all that grease. For those jobs, most regular gloves are too thick, leaving you fumbling with small parts, or unable to fit your hand through areas with tight clearances.

Disposable gloves are extremely thin, measured merely in millimetres. This allows workers to keep the dexterity of a bare hand while maintaining some protection from filth, grime, and other contaminants.

Choosing the right glove for your job

Your hands are crucial to your job and an improper glove will only cause you trouble, hinder your ability to do good work, and possibly even cause injury. Make sure you understand the job, which type of gloves you need, and always have a proper fit.

Disposable gloves: the perfect fit for your job

Despite seeming flimsy, disposable gloves help workers stay clean, safe, and keep others safe, too. When properly utilized, these gloves are the perfect solution to your safety problems. Purchase disposable gloves in packs of 100 – 300 to make sure you, or your workers, always have a generous supply on hand, for your hands.

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